Ascot Rehab


  • Hannah Turner
    Hannah Turner
    BSc (hons) Physiotherapy, CSP, HCPC, ACPIN member Head of Physiotherapy – specialist in Neuro Physiotherapy
  • Urvisha Lunagariya
    Urvisha Lunagariya
    MSc Advanced physiotherapist, MCSP
  • Giulio Palma
    Giulio Palma
    Bsc Physiotherapy, MCSP, Paediatric and Neurological Physiotherapist
  • Carina Howard
    Carina Howard
    CMT Therapist
  • deepika vijayaraj
    Deepika Vijayaraj
    BSc and MScNeuropsychology Assistant
  • lucia ikweem
    Lucia Ikweem
    Senior Rehab Assistant
  • Dr. Letizia De Mori
    Dr. Letizia De Mori
    BS – MScPsych
    Psychologist, Neuropsychologist
    Graphical Cognitive Profiles
    Technical Expert Consultant
    BPS Member – CPsychol – AFBPsS
    OPPV Member
    BNA Member
    FENS Member
    Neuropsychologist Lead
  • Vanya Stancheva
    Vanya Stancheva
    BSc (Hons)Senior Therapist
  • Charles Townsend
    Charles Townsend
    Tai Chi Instructor
  • Haleema Sultan
    Haleema Sultan
    Bsc (Hons), HCPC, RCSLTSpeech and Language Therapist
  • Noel Caspe
    Noel Caspe
    MCSPNeurological Physiotherapist Specialist
  • Shereen Matar
    Shereen Matar
    PhD MSc MRCSLTLead Speech and Language Therapist
  • Noor Mohammed Noor Mohammed BSc Rehabilitation Assistant & Administrator
  • Achref Taieb Achref Taieb BSc Rehabilitation Assistant
  • Rishika Balani Rishika Balani MSc Neuro Physiotherapy,
    HCPC and CSP registered
  • Alanoud Alotaibi Alanoud Alotaibi Bsc rehabilitation Speech-Hearing
    MA Sociocultural Linguistics
    Speech & Language Therapist
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