• Dr Dimitrios Sampanis Dr Dimitrios Sampanis PhD MSc BSc Hons mACPIN mCSP mAACP mHCPC Head of Physiotherapy
  • Sarah Sirilli Sarah Sirilli BPhysT Neuro-physiotherapist
  • Katie Collins Katie Collins Degree in Physiotherapy Neurophysiotherapist
  • Dr Sal Connolly Dr Sal Connolly BSc (Hons) PhD DClinPsy Head of Clinical and Neuropsychology
  • Eloise James Eloise James BSc in Occupational Therapy Senior Neurological Occupational Therapist
  • Emma Gale Emma Gale BA (Hons) Oxon PGDip Clinical Communication Studies MRCSLT Joint head of Speech and Language Therapy
  • Sarah Haynes Sarah Haynes Diploma in SLT Accredited LSVT Loud Accredited FEEs therapist Joint head of Speech and Language Therapy
  • Marta Oliveira Marta Oliveira MscSenior Neurological Occupational Therapist
  • Melissa Bauer Melissa Bauer Accredited LSVT Loud Specialist Speech and Language Therapist
  • Helen Clayton Helen Clayton MSc BSc (Hons) mHCPC mCSP mACPIN Physiotherapist
  • Giulio Palma Giulio Palma Bsc Physiotherapy, MCSP, Paediatric and Neurological Physiotherapist
  • Kerry Townsend Kerry Townsend MSc OT, mRC OT Neurological Occupational Therapist
  • Emma Rodriguez-Noriega Emma Rodriguez-Noriega Clinical Psychologist
  • Francesca Merlo Francesca Merlo BSc Physiotherapy, MCSP, OMT, MSK and Neurogical Physiotherapist
  • Martina De Falco Martina De Falco Sports and remedial Massage therapist/Rehabilitation Assistant
  • Martina Parisi Martina Parisi BSc Hons Physiotherapy, MCSP, Neurogical Physiotherapist
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