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Pilates uses slow, controlled and precise movements to strengthen the deep stabilising muscles found in the neck and shoulder, the spine and the pelvis. This is important because these deep muscles stabilise and support your spine. When they switch off, pain in the lower back or around the pelvis is often the result.

Pilates is more than merely an exercise programme designed to sculpt muscles. Like Tai Chi and Yoga, Pilates is a type of mindful movement.
Optimal breathing helps to stimulate certain muscle groups. It also helps to carry oxygen-rich blood to nourish all tissues, while removing impurities and metabolic waste.

Learning to breathe well through Pilates is also important because shallow breathing has become a chronic problem in our society. This is largely a result of environmental stressors such as pollution. It is also a response to the requirements of our hectic lives.

Shallow breathing is a major issue, and when it becomes habitual it can create chronic stress problems. Which is why, when applied in the right way, Pilates can be a brilliant for re-educating the body and undoing these bad habits. Helping us learn to breathe properly again.

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