Rehab Technology

Rehab Technology

It is widely recognised that technology can make a significant difference in the recovery of individuals following a stroke, head injury, spinal cord injury or other neurological conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis or Parkinson’s.

Why does Rehab Technology work?

  • The brain has the ability to form and reorganize synaptic connections, both functionally and physically in response to new learning or therapy following an injury to its brain cells.
  • Therefore, individuals have the chance to recover after experiencing a traumatic brain injury.
  • However, the brain forms new connections better when the task that is being performed has functional and meaningful goals. This is because repetitively performing a certain motion or task mindlessly does not help the patient progress or form new synaptic connections in the brain.
  • Instead, research shows that the more time a patient dedicates to therapy with functional goals in mind, the stronger the synapses and faster re-organization of the brain can be achieved.

At Ascot Rehab we have partnered with some of the world’s leading medical device companies to provide our patients with the best and latest in robotics and rehabilitation technology, to yield optimum results of their bespoke treatments.

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