Inpatient Therapy

Every patient’s needs and circumstances differ and as such, the type of care, number of therapy sessions and recommendations will vary from person to person.

Our rates are therefore bespoke but as a guide, all inpatient stays are based around two levels of neurotherapy and care solutions which we refer to as Active and Slow Stream. The main difference is the number of neurotherapy sessions given per week, which can be between 12 and 24 but again, this will depend on a patient’s neurological condition, fatigue levels and referral source. Sessions includes initial assessments, and are given from 6 days a week, Monday to Saturday. There are no therapy sessions on a Sunday.

All of our patients are assessed by our therapy team either in advance or during their first week, who will put forward the most effective therapy plan for their condition, taking into consideration each patient’s abilities as well as the patient’s and their family’s goals. Family meetings, case conferences and regular goal reviews are an integral part of the therapy package. Note that patients admitted as an inpatient for one week do not require a goal planning meeting.

Inpatient Therapy

Following a patient’s discharge, Ascot Rehab can offer a continuation of Outpatient or Outreach sessions (therapy in your own home), or some patients even choose to visit the centre again at a later date.

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