Quality Report

A Message from the CEO

The purpose of this Quality Report is to provide a tool for assessing the quality of the Rehabilitation
services we provide and gives a summary of the main quality indicators, which are: relevance,
accuracy, accessibility and clarity, timelines and punctuality, comparability, and coherence.

Our Quality Report describes our work in four important areas which are key to service quality:

  1. 1. The clinical effectiveness and outcome measures of the treatments and interventions we offer
  2. 2. The experience of those using, or supporting those who use our services;
  3. 3. The accessibility of our services (Inpatient, outpatient and outreach) for patients and other health care professionals
  4. 4. Recognition of our success

Providing our patients with high quality clinical care is our top priority and we know how important
it is to patients and their families to know that when they have to come into our hospital they are
going to receive the best possible care, be safe and cared for in a clean, welcoming and infection
free environment. That is why we are continually implementing quality improvement initiatives that
further enhance the safety, experience and clinical outcomes for all our patients.

Our Quality Report provides a brief overview of how we did and intend to go even further during the
coming year and beyond to build on this solid foundation.

We will continue to promote a culture of continuous quality improvement and encourage our staff
to innovate and adopt ‘best practice’ in order to deliver the highest standard of care to our patients.

Dr Ali Al-Memar
Consultant Neurologist

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