Armeo Spring

Armeo Spring

Self-initiated Movement Therapy

The ArmeoSpring is the preferred therapy choice for arm and hand rehabilitation of the widest range of patients.

  • The ArmeoSpring is part of the unique and modular Armeo Therapy Concept, the world’s first upper extremity concept that covers the whole ‘Continuum of Rehabilitation’ with one software platform throughout a range of devices, each developed for a specific stage of rehabilitation – from early rehabilitation, to long term recovery.
  • By providing arm weight support, the ArmeoSpring enables patients to use remaining motor functions and encourages them to achieve a higher number of reach and grasps movements based on specific therapy goals.
  • It houses an extensive library of motivating game-like Augmented Performance Feedback exercises, which have been designed to train core movement patterns that are commonly used in activities of daily living.
Self initiated Movement Therapy

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