Creative Movement Therapy

Creative Movement Therapy

At Ascot Rehab, we are very excited to introduce Creative Movement Therapy to our patients’ programs; Creative Movement Therapy is a form of dance therapy which uses the body’s natural movements to achieve a balance between emotional, cognitive, social and physical facets in individuals, and is a highly effective holistic treatment.

By connecting mind and body, it can lead to increased functional range, improvements in breath control and release of sore joints. The use of music enhances fluidity of movement and provides an enjoyable and fun element to therapy.

This type of therapy is a low impact, stress relieving exercise which can be used to raise an individual’s heart rate and engage muscles in a controlled manner, and strengthen patients’ immune systems by improving fitness levels.

Creative Movement Therapy is beneficial for both physical and mental health, and is a great tool for stress reduction, disease prevention and mood management. It is beneficial for those suffering from a number of diseases and conditions. These can include but are not limited to Parkinson’s, chronic fatigue syndrome, stroke recovery.

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