A case series-Observing the combined effects of Physiotherapy and GIGER MD machine

Urvisha Giger
13, Jun 2024

This study is a retrospective analysis of the 15 patients’ data suffering from neurological, musculoskeletal and neuromusculoskeletal conditions. In this study, the combined effects of physiotherapy and the GIGER MD machine were taken into consideration to observe the clinical significance that it makes in improving exercise tolerance and mobility of the patients. These parameters were measured using the two outcomes’ measures; one was the graph generated by the GIGER MD machine and the second was the functional independence measure. In this study, the patient’s data was analysed on the day when the combined treatment (GIGER and the Physiotherapy) started and till the day the patient received the combined treatment. The patient’s clinical symptoms and the movement/mobility were taken into consideration to use the outcome measures to see the effectiveness of this treatment. Furthermore, the study also considers additional therapy received during the phase of this combination of treatment (Physio+ GIGER). The results obtained showed the clinical significance in improving exercise tolerance and the outcomes of the mobility in the patients suffering from neurological, musculoskeletal or the combination of the conditions.

Giger Study

Giger Study

Graph-1 shows four parameters with different colours. Yellow indicates-Joules (energy used in performing revolutions). The green colour indicates the time spent by patients on this machine. Red indicates revolutions (this machine counts the number of revolutions performed by paddling this machine). The blue colour indicates the harmonic movements (which are related to coordinated movements of the extremities).

Graph-2 represents three sections, in which the first section is about the forward and backward movements of the paddling. The second section represents heart rate and the third section represents the harmonic movements in the form of wave patterns.

This graph helps to understand the harmonic movement performed with respect to time, energy, and revolutions. The more harmonic the movement is, the greater the coordination between extremities movements, which helps in stimulating the nervous system to produce neuroplastic changes that help in improving exercise tolerance and mobility of the patients.

What this study adds

  • In addition to neurological condition, the GIGER MD can also be used to treat MSK and combined Neuro and MSK conditions
  • Not only elderly population but the age group from 10-75 can benefit from this combination of treatment
  • Combined effects of GIGER MD and Additional treatment including physiotherapy plays vital role in improving exercise tolerance of the muscles
  • It helps to improve functional independence of the patient, which helps them to manage their daily living effectively
  • This GIGER MD challenges patient’s visuoauditorymotor cortex by providing visual feedback about the performance and the patient can also keep track of their performance, which is useful for the patient suffering from cognitive impairments
  • Give an insight for further research to explore into knowing the individual effectiveness of the treatment
  • Give research evidence about the clinical effectiveness of the GIGER MD machine when combined with Physiotherapy and other treatment
  • Give an insight for further research into knowing the only GIGER MD machine clinical significance in treating various Neurological and musculoskeletal conditions

Study by Urvisha Lunagariya
MSc Advanced physiotherapist, MCSP

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