Brain Injury Rehabilitation

Brain Injury Rehabilitation
12, Feb 2021

As a specialist brain injury rehab centre, we care for patients, from all round the world, who have suffered from neurological damage such astraumatic brain injury (TBI). No two brain injuries are the same so at Ascot Rehab, we recognise the need to offer personalised care and rehabilitation packages and treatment plans.

For patient’s recovering from severe brain injuries we offer inpatient therapy packages so that our highly skilled therapy team, nurses, doctors and health care assistants can implement a 24 hour approach to their rehabilitation.  We are also able to offer out-patient neuro-rehab services for patients that require less intensive input. At Ascot Rehabilitation our goals are patient centered and tailored to each individual.

How long does it take to recover from a Traumatic Brain Injury?

Recovering from an injury to your brain takes time and the extent of the recovery is dependent on the severity of the TBI. In severe brain injuries recovery will take place over 6-12 months. Both physical and psychological recovery from serious brain injuries will take months and sometimes even years but it will not be necessary for you to be an in-patient for this whole length of time.

What is the best treatment for TBI?

At Ascot Rehab we used evidence based practice to deliver high quality neurologically focussed therapy. Patients are initially assessed by our team of world renowned consultant neurologists  at Ascot Rehab who then work closely with the entire clinicalteam. Throughout the process the team will discuss goals and treatment plans with the patient and family members. Patients will be recommended intervention from one or multiple disciplines depending on need and will include the following:


Occupational Therapy

Speech and Language Therapy


Movement Therapy

Specialist Nursing

Neuro Rehabilitation at Ascot Rehab

Inpatient rehabilitation: This involves intensive specialist rehabilitation for patients who are not ready to return home after discharge from hospital. Our Neurological Rehabilitation Centres in London and Surrey provide an ideal setting for further treatment, where a structured personalised rehabilitation programme is in place throughout the day.

Outpatient rehabilitation: Some people may be well enough to return home and receive further treatment as an outpatient. This can take place either at our Bagshot rehab facility or at outpatient centre in Central London.

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